We all have our favourite colours and styles. High street shops offer plenty to choose from and sometimes it is simply so easy to get lost and buy things we don’t exactly need or like.

My summer inspirations are based on the simple principle of statement pieces which can be easily put together and use throughout the year.

I am not a big fan of colours. I do not feel comfortable wearing vibrant shades. I am much more likely to choose delicate shades of nudes, whites and my so much loved black. I know that this can be boring but that’s just what I feel confident wearing and what I reach for every time I am shopping.

I have put together a little collage of my summer style inspirations. You will probably not be surprised to find a lot of nude colours in my selection as well as bold jewellery and accessories.

I do not feel the need to follow all the fashion styles but I do like to put my own mark on what is on trend. Fashion is a way of expressing ourselves and it is important to not to get lost in that world. It’s up to you what you are going to do with the choice given. It’s about you and how you decide to embrace it. Fashion is a freedom of expressing yourself and your emotion so don’t be afraid to use it.

With love