I promised in my first blog about the Cambridge Weight Plan that I will try to write a quick weekly update on how I am doing and how I feel about the Cambridge Plan.

Well today is Thursday, a day when I am being weighed and measured. I wasn’t exactly sure how I have done and whether I have done enough only because it’s been only 4 days since I started Cambridge Diet all over again.

Since Monday I was trying to stick to 4 shakes a day plus 2.5 litres of water and of course couple of coffees a day as I can simply not function without these at work.

Well I don’t think I tried hard enough because on Monday I ended up having a 200 calorie meal in the evening. One boiled egg, small tin of tuna and couple of slices of cucumber. I simply could not go without food. The same happened Tuesday and Wednesday. I had my shakes in the morning and lunch time but because I felt hungry I swapped an evening shake for a meal. Just today I realised why I was hungry! I forgot that I was supposed to have 3 shakes a day and a little meal or four not three shakes! Silly me.

Oh well I managed to survive and today when I went to see my consultant I was praying that I have done enough to lose some weight.

I have to say I was very surprised when I was told that I have lost 7 pounds since Monday! That’s half a stone and I could not be happier. I know that I could have done better and that I need to try harder to stick to shakes only 4 times a day but 7 pounds weight loss is enough to motivate me and prove to me that it is all worth it.

I won’t lie. It is not easy and I do still crave food. I dream about strawberry and white chocolate muffins but I know I can live without them and my life does not depend on them and other treats. But if I won’t lose enough weight my life will be in danger and that’s the last thing I want or need.

I try to think about food as necessity not a reward, comfort or treat. I have a long way to go but by dramatically restricting what I am eating I am trying to re-build my relationship with food. I have put myself in the position I am now at and only I can change it. Cambridge Weight Plan is a tool I can use to make this journey easier and quicker but it is all up to me how long it will take to lose all that excess baggage I have accumulated over the years.

No one said it will be easy but then nothing in life really is. We just need to embrace it and be strong. It will be all worth it Ladies. I am trying to explain to myself every single day that I need food to live but I do not need food in my life to make my life worth living.

With love