It feels like the world came to the end. Well kind of for me but it may not really be as bad as it seems. However let me tell you my story…

Not only I have had extremely busy week at work while some people from the office were enjoying their Spanish holidays but I had suffered the most annoying and horrible headache due to my eye infection. It all started, if I remember right, last Friday and since then every day it was getting tiny bit worse and worse.

I have been wearing contact lenses on a daily basis for the last 5 years as otherwise I am a danger to myself and others around me. I am so used to them I can simply not imagine my life without those two tiny things.

Anyway last Saturday morning on the way to London to meet baby Sienna we visited the local chemist and got me some eye drops. Well I don’t think they were very good ones as my eye was getting more and more painful, red and itchy. I should probably mention that I was still wearing my contact lenses during that time and working over 7 hours daily with a computer which I can only imagine did not help much. Yesterday, Thursday, the pain got so bad I was ready to give up. I went to bed before 10 just so I could rest my eyes but waking up today I knew there is only one option. Something was wrong and I knew it won’t just stop so I called our local Vision Express and made an appointment to see the Optician. At the back of my mind I knew that I will probably have to stop wearing contact lenses for some time and I wasn’t wrong. After a very long and busy Friday at work I got to my appointment just on time just to find out that contact lenses are a no-no for at least next 7 days and glasses are a must. My eyes were tested and examined with very strange machines and I was given not only a prescription for glasses but also a warning! I have to say it was a very scary warning to say the least. If I won’t give my eyes a rest from contact lenses and clear the infection off I may end up in a hospital with steroids being injected into my eyes! That was enough. I forgot about the fact that I hate glasses and I can find at least 99 other things I would prefer to spend my money on. There was no turning back or escaping.

I managed to find some Ralph Lauren frames which were in a reasonable budget taking into care that I will probably hardly wear them as soon as my eyes are fixed and they were chic as much as glasses can be. £95.00 for frames together with nearly £150.00 for lenses was a lot but my eye test was FREE but I had to pay an extra £5.00 for an express hour service (I could not bear the thought of an evening being blind). Presented with a bill for something I did not want at the very beginning I reached for my purse. There safely hidden was a 30% off voucher for students with NUS Student Card! Oh yes, I was very much prepared for it all! No surprise for me. I may complain about having to study time to time but moments like this one prove that it is all worth it! £73.00 later off my bill my new glasses were paid for and ready to be collected in 40 minutes.

I am now home trying to get use to them which I am not enjoying but I am glad to be able to see what I am typing. People who do not need glasses or contact lenses do not know just how lucky they are. You do not realise how much something means to you till you lose it. Oh well I have made a damage but hopefully it won’t take long until my eyes will get better and I will be able to use my beloved contact lenses. Until then I shall pretend to be a very clever looking blonde.

With love