Zara Sale

As most of your probably know already ZARA summer sales stared this week. I have to say, I was very excited about the fact that their summer collection will be that little bit more affordable. That’s why I had asked Mr D to wake me up last Thursday exactly at midnight as I knew this was when their online sale will begin. I know it sounds bit crazy but I did get up and managed to have a quick look through but tiredness took over and even though the wedges I wanted for so long did go on sale I decided to go back to sleep. What a mistake! Next morning when I checked the ZARA website they were sold out! Both colours, all sizes, gone! Oh well they were not meant to be mine. However I thought that I may have bit more luck in store and this is where I went first thing on Saturday morning. I got up earlier than usual and walked through ZARA front doors just after 10. I wasn’t surprised to find the store in a mess, as usual during sales, but somehow I did not feel the love for ZARA sales anymore. I am not sure what had happen but I looked at their sale rails with big disappointment. Do I need to mention that the wanted wedges were nowhere to be seen?! Anyway I decided to have a good look around. Mr D went back home so I had all the time I needed to go and have a good look at what ZARA has on offer.

You probably don’t know this yet but 75% of my wardrobe is black. Yes I do live in black clothes. The other 20% is white for summer and the odd 5% are tiny bits of colour here and there. Following the recent fashion trends ZARA had plenty to offer in very bright colours which is simply not me at all.

However I managed to find something that caught my eye and was not black! There were red/black wedges reduced from £39.99 to £29.99 and yes they had them in my size. They were gorgeous and looked comfortable. I tried to imagine wearing them with a simple black dress or a pair of skinny black jeans and blazer but somehow I felt a bit scared as in my three door wardrobe you will not find one single red thing! Even though I really liked them I decided to walk away and let someone else find those beauties.

Just round the corner on shelves I found another pair of shoes that I was looking at for a while now. High heel brown/black sandals with ankle straps reduced from £69.99 to £39.99 I start feeling ‘the love’ but as usual they didn’t have them in my size – typical! Oh well… I have to say I was bit disappointed at how very little shoes ZARA had in store on sale and if I found something I liked it was either in size 3 or 8. Well I am a 6! I did manage to find a size 6 little suede kitten heels in lovely warm nude colour. At £19.99 they were great price but somehow I am not big fan of kitten heels and wedges was really what I was after.

I had a look around the rails of clothes. When I first walked through the door I thought that there was a lot on sale but when I started having a good look around there wasn’t that much really. Some of the reductions were a bit silly. I found a black studded jacket reduced to £69.99 from £89.99. Somehow it didn’t feel like a sale bargain. I know that ZARA does reduce their sale items further as the sales go on but knowing my luck they won’t have anything I really like in my size by the time prices go down.

I found a little green mint tweed blazer which was very cute and I could just buy it to hang on my wardrobe doors but somehow I could not imagine wearing it as I like longer blazers and in bit more toned down colours. It was reduced from £59.99 to £39.99 but I just know I would not wear it so it had to be a no-no.

To my surprise I left ZARA with nothing at all. It felt strange but I just didn’t find anything I felt in love with. Earlier this year while in London shopping just at the end of their Winter sale I managed to buy a blazer/jacket reduced from £89.99 to £19.99, gorgeous sparkly sandals at £9.99 from £54.99 and couple of classic black dresses for around £14.99 each. Well maybe I will have bit more luck later on but at the moment ZARA summer sale left me feeling rather disappointed. Oh well, I am sure my credit card will come handy at some point.

With love