Firstly, I do apologise for the fact that there was no update on week 3. I won’t be lying or making excuses – I failed! How? Why? Let me explain…

Some of you may know that Cambridge Weight Plan is based on meal replacement shakes, soups and bars and before anyone would question whether it works or not I can honestly say from my own experience that it very much does work but it is not an easy plan to follow. Unless you are very determined to change your lifestyle and lose weight and you are in the right frame of mind you won’t be able to stick to it. It may sound harsh but I am living proof of that.

My very first weigh in with my Cambridge Consultant was on 28 April this year and I was very much ready to lose weight once and for all. Unfortunately because of my ‘addition’ (sometimes called by people also ‘love’ to food) I did struggle to have shakes only and as soon as the first excuse came out I was off the plan. Yes I did go out with the best intentions of sticking to carbs free dinner but how could I resist sweet potato chips and amazing desserts?!? I knew by that time that the Plan is working and that I am loosing inches and pounds off my body but that wasn’t enough and I fell off the Plan. What a massive mistake that was.

Since then I have been on and off the Plan for nearly 3 months. That’s 12 weeks in which if I did stick to the Plan I could have lost 3 to 4 stones!

When I wrote my first blog post about Cambridge Weight Plan I thought that maybe this will help me to stick to it but I failed again. Food does not make me happy anymore. I crave it but when I have it I no longer enjoy it as I did before the Plan because I know that it’s another step back. I do not reach for food anymore because I am happy or sad but it is simply habit of reaching for something, anything really.

I won’t lie and say that this Plan is enjoyable and easiest diet ever because it is NOT! It’s a constant struggle and battle with my inner demons which I often lose but I do know now that food is not my whole life and that I can be just as happy without yummy white chocolate and strawberry muffin.  My life will not come to an end because of not having that carbs loaded little treat but instead I may lose pound or two by the next morning…

I need to start again and ahead of me are the worst 3 to 4 days I can possibly image. I will be craving carbs like mad and my headache on day 3 will turn me into the most moody horrible person ever but after those 4 first days when I will hit ketosis my body will calm down and I will start burning fat (which I have plenty of). I won’t feel hunger anymore and white chocolate strawberry muffins won’t be my biggest dream in the world.

Cambridge Weight Plan does work and this is the only reason I am trying again. I think that it is one of the most difficult diets to follow but you can see and feel results just after a week. I need 12 weeks of pure Cambridge Weight Plan to get my confidence back. Its only 12 weeks of my life but I know I can do it and I know my relationship with food will change forever from then on.

I don’t want to give up and I hope that you will stay with me through this journey. I cannot promise this time I will be 100% perfect but I want to try even harder to lose weight to challenge myself as to how much I can push myself and what  I can achieve in 12 weeks. 12 weeks that can possibly change my life forever…

With love