I always think that buying good quality basics is the best option. May not be the cheapest one but it will pay off (or maybe I am just trying to justify myself?).

I saw this so very basis but how gorgeous oversized blazer in Topshop sometime ago. At £65.00 it is not yet expensive but paired with classic black skinny jeans will take us through many English summers. What I love about it is fact that even though it is nude it is quite warm shade and it would look gorgeous not only with mentioned before classic black pieces but also with white summer clothes adding to them that high end look. Classic but trendy. Sexy but boyish. As for me – a must have. I feel like this £65.00 has been justified.

I have been looking for a perfect pair of timeless wedges for a while when I finally found this pair in ALDO. At £65.00 they weren’t the cheapest but they are just perfect. Black – which I love and not only that they must have been the lightest, softest wedges in the world. I felt in love as soon as they were on my feet. I couldn’t leave without them but oh how very typical 2 weeks later (before I even managed to wear them for the very first time) they were reduced to half price! I was not a very happy girl but I kept telling myself it was money well spent. Yes, they may be high. Say, I did overpaid for them but how could I not? What could have happened if my size was sold out?! I could not bear that though and just because of that they are mine and I feel like again I have spent my money wisely (well nearly).

Another little piece to be added to this month must haves is this gorgeous two toned ZARA bag. I have to say – I love ZARA and to see this gorgeous classic one in their newest collection for £39.99 is a dream come true. Just the right size to put all the bits and pieces I so very truly need every day (as well as all those I don’t need but must have with me just in case), three little departments (for someone with OCD that is a great news- even more things in place and no mess!) together with the most gorgeous colour combination makes this bag a must have for me. Soft leather, classic golden finish and how very affordable price – do I really need to repeat myself and say that I do honestly believe this purchase will be clearly justified?

I have so far found perfect blazer, shoes and bag but girl cannot live without bit of bling so when I found those gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelets I could not stop thinking about them. They are classic but how very trendy and can be worn in so many ways. Lawyered with watch and other bracelets and bangles simply one at the time for that minimum ultra chick style – the list could go on and on. Silver and rose gold – yes please and at just over £83.00 how could you not? It may not be my birthday this month but I think I do need deserve a treat. Justified? – very much so.

I was thinking what else should join the list of must haves for June 2012 and I thought about few bits of make-up and cosmetics which in my opinion are classic and very much timeless. Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty – the most gorgeous light but strong scent with Chanel Bronzer which I heard so much about but somehow which is not as yet in my make-up bag (how could this had happened?). Not forgetting YSL nude lipstick – which colour I am still not sure about but that can be resolved pretty easy this weekend when I will visit one of the department stores and finally find ‘the one’ and of course we can not forget about ESSIE nail polishes in nude/earthy colours which again somehow are not with me as yet but that will change without any further delay.

I must say – I am surprised that my Must Have June 2012 list so very short but on the other hand I am very pleased I have managed to find pieces I really like and I will be able to easily corporate into my wardrobe. Sometimes it is not all about spending hundreds of pounds and adding endless pieces of clothes and accessories to what we already have. Sometimes less is more and I hope I managed to justify that in my first ever blog post.

I hope you enjoyed it Ladies.

Or shall I rather say – I hope someone read it.

With love

Shopping List.
Topshop Structured Blazer £65.00

Aldo wedges was £65.00 now £31.49

ZARA Bowling bag with zips £39.99

Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie bracelet in rose gold £85.57

Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie bracelet in silver £85.57

Chanel Bronzer SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL £30.00

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty from £31.50

YSL Lipstick from £15.66