I have been trying to decide whether I should or shouldn’t share this part of my life on the blog. It’s personal and somehow I feel quite vulnerable talking about it. But if sharing my story about the struggle with my weight will make someone feel that tiny bit better about themselves then why shouldn’t I?

Let me first explain what will I share and what I will keep to myself. I do not feel as yet comfortable writing about my weight but every week I will try my best to write an update on my diet and how many pounds and inches I have lost (fingers crossed) or put on (I am not perfect and I know I will have a days when a white chocolate strawberry muffin will pass my lips). I will be brutally honest just so you know exactly what is happening.

I am not being paid to review the diet or advertise it. I am paying for all the supplements myself and I am doing it because it is my choice. I hope you can respect my reasons why I want to keep some information (at the moment) private.

While doing my research about the Cambridge Diet (or rather Cambridge Weight Plan) I have come across quite a few blogs and YouTube channels where people start their Cambridge Plan journey sharing it with others but then suddenly most of them stopped. I felt disappointed and wonder why that is and what had happened to them. As my blog is not a blog about diets but generally a blog about my personal life I thought I will try to share it with you. It is not an easy journey but I know it is possible to lose weight following the Cambridge Plan. I don’t think that it is necessary for me to explain exactly what this diet is all about as there are so many websites that explain in real depth exactly that. I will put few links for those interested in details of the diet at the bottom of this blog. My aim is to create a weekly diary of my very own struggle with weight. I will be totally honest and if I do slip up I won’t lie. This diet is very limited and I have to say, hard to follow but if your mind is in the right place you can lose weight and keep it off.

I tried Cambridge products for the first time in April this year and after 4 weeks I was 1 stone and 4 pounds lighter. I fell off the wagon and even though I tried I couldn’t get back on track. I have given myself and Cambridge a last chance and as from tomorrow I am going to start once again.

If you would like to follow my journey please subscribe to my blog and hopefully next Thursday I will have some good news to share with you. Thursday is the day when I have my weekly meetings with my consultant (I will tell you all more about her in my next Cambridge Weight Plan post) and when I am being measured and weighed.

I have a long journey ahead of me but I know it is all worth it because for someone who is overweight and not comfortable with their body nothing tastes better than losing weight!

With love

For those who would like to find out but more about Cambridge Weight Plan: