I don’t give up easily so this weekend I decided to give ZARA another chance with their sales. I wasn’t impressed with what they had to offer so far as you may recall from my previous blogs but because I do generally love ZARA I visited their store yesterday morning.

Yes it was busy and yes many clothes were all over the floor but that is just part of the whole sale time experience nowadays. I managed to find quite a few pieces which were marked down since my last visit but most of the clothes are still too expensive in my opinion because £10.00 off is not really a sale for me.

I found a couple of dresses which were under £20.00 that I liked and tried them on. The one that looked the most unimpressive on a hanger looked the best on and with a price reduction from £29.99 to £12.99 it simply had to be mine. I do not think that this dress is worth its original price but the sale markdown made it great bargain and a must have for me!

It is very hard to take a good picture of a black dress but I hope that you will be able to get the general idea of what the dress looks like. Its sleeveless little black dress with delicate shoulder detail but what I like the most about it is the fact that is very plain with a fabric being ‘pinched’ together on the left to give it a bit more structure.

When I got home I paired it with a short sleeve leather jacket that I got couple of years ago from New Look and a long statement necklace from Dorothy Perkins that I got yesterday for a whole £3.00 (reduced from £15.00!) I like to keep my outfits plain and simple with an edge and very often use leather jackets and statement jewellery with my outfits.

As to shoes I think that those ZARA look-a-like nude heels with rose gold metallic toe would be great to finish the look off perfectly. They are from Primark and cost me £10.00! Their quality cannot be compared to quality of ZARA shoes but they cost me fraction of what ZARA’s one would have so how could I resist? I managed to get a pair of them in my sister’s size so she will be getting them in the post very soon too!

I hope to put together many more outfits like this one to share my style with you. Its my very own take on high street fashion but you are more than welcome to comment and share your opinion.

With love A.