Mexico Outfit

Its 8th of July, summer but only in theory at least here in UK. I have to say I am not surprised though – somehow I am slowly getting used to very wet and cold summers but that doesn’t change the fact that I find myself often going back in my memories to the perfect ten sunny days we spent in Mexico earlier this year.

I thought I would try to put together a short blog post with an outfit and couple of pictures from Mexico just to brighten up this miserable rainy day. It may seem like we will never be able to wear shorts and sandals here in UK but it is always worth dreaming…

Like I mentioned before in one of my blog posts about fashion, I love basics. I am not a big fan of prints and colours. Somehow I feel much more comfortable wearing settled colours with bold and statement accessories.

While visiting Mexico in March I stuck to my usual basics. Plain oversized t-shirt and tops like this one from Topshop (which they also have in black) are great for holidays. Paired with shorts for daytime or skinny jeans for the evening with the right accessories can be very versatile and as the baggage limit is always an issue for me I always pack a couple of those while going away. They may be plain and boring but I love them and they look great as a cover over a bikini by the pool. Just another bonus!

To make this very basic combination of t-shirt and shorts more unique I would wear them with a long pendant. Nothing too heavy or too big as we have to remember that it is hot! I love turquoise colour which looks gorgeous with white so I would probably choose something very similar to this necklace. Topshop, Forever21 and New Look always have a great selection of necklaces and pendants in all colours and sizes. Plain, bold and simple – just how I like it. To all that I would add some gold/nude bangles but not too many. A must have will be my Michael Kors gold watch and sunglasses plus my favourite ZARA oversized tan leather handbag and wedges. You can always swap those for flip-flops or sandals but as I love wedges I usually stick to them during my holidays. Being 5ft 6 I feel like they add just enough height and make my legs that little bit longer.

I am not sure how you guys feel about make up on holidays but a tiny bit of brown eye shadow and mascara together with a touch of bronzer and nude lipstick is a must for me when out and about. Nothing too heavy but something just right to accompany my holiday tan always makes me feel better. Let’s not forget about my favourite Calvin Klein perfume – Eternity Moment! I always have a bottle of it with me.

Basic, simple and comfortable is the way I like to dress on holidays. Fuss and too much effort is left at home together with rain.
I wish I could go back to Mexico right now. If only it could be that easy.

With love