Summer sales are just everywhere but somehow I am struggling to find things that I like. I am not sure if I am just more fussy or simply not quite in the mood for a big summer sale shopping.

Yesterday I went to town to check few stores I had in mind thinking about summer sales.

I wanted to give ZARA another chance but again I was not impressed. Prices were still quite high for sale items. Most of the stock was reduced by £10.00 to £15.00 which for me is not such a great deal. Well I guess I will just have to wait a couple of weeks and see what is left after the prices have been reduced. I have an eye on two dresses – exactly the same dress but in white and black with studded neckline and studs down the back as well as a little black tweed jacket with studs on the collar. I do not need them so I can wait and see…

I did however go to New Look which I have to say I am often struggling to shop at. I do like this store for their accessorises and shoes but somehow I find lots of their clothes just not quite my style. However I did manage to find a pair of shoes, on sale, for £8.00! I have been looking at them online and in store for a little while now as I just love their colour (gorgeous coral/peachy pink) and gold detailing which makes them look much more expensive than the original price of £19.99. They are suede (well kind of) and I think will look gorgeous with plain black or white shift dress and little black leather jacket. I couldn’t make my mind up about them but when I spotted them on a shelf yesterday with a price tag of £8.00 and in my size I just had to have them.

I had a wander around a few other shops and even attempted visiting River Island. Well I have to say it was very short visit as this particular store during sales in my town looks like a tornado has been through it not once but at least twice! I could not bear the mess, clothes all over the floor, very unfriendly ladies fighting over sale items so I decided to leave. I probably could have found there a good bargain but I decided to pass on it for the sake of my mental and physical wellbeing.

The last shop that I went into was Primark. I often go there to pick up little bits for my sister. As I am not size 8 and simply most of their clothes do not flatter me I find it difficult shop in there but my petite sister somehow looks in their clothes just as good as in Topshop ones. I have to say I didn’t exactly spend ages looking at clothes this time but their accessories section did catch my eye. I found this lovely soft leather looking shopper bag which they also had in black. I think that it looks much more expensive than the £12.00 I paid for it and it will be a great present for my sister who loves bags in this style. Studs are everywhere this summer so how could I not? I hope my sister will like it just as much as I do.

I nearly forgot to mention about the last thing I bought for a whole £4.00 – a pair of jelly like flip-flops from Primark! I think they are adorable. I love the detail on them and how bold they are. I generally hate flip-flops and during summer holidays even by the pool I always insist of wearing my sandals. Well I think I resolved this problem with my latest purchase from Primark. Those flip-flops are cute, comfortable and even though I am not sure when I will need a pair of those again as we had our summer holiday this year already in March I will not part from them. I am simply ready for our next vacation on the beach!

With love A.